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Zygomatic Implants

The most predictable graft-less solution to rehabilitate the extremely resorbed maxilla :-
– Quad Zygoma
– Hybrid Zygoma Protocol
– Asymmetrical Zygoma Placement

Grafting Procedures

– Guided Bone Regenartion
– Sinus Lifting
– Nasal Lifting
– Autogenous Bone-Blocks
– Iliac Crest Grafting

Full-Arch & Full-Mouth rehabilitations

– All-on-4 Implants
– All-on-6 Implants
– Brånemark Protocol for
inter-foraminal Implant placement
– V2V Implant Protocol

Hybrid Prosthesis

– Toronto Bridge
– Titanium Framework
– PEEK Framework

Denture Conversion

Durable prostheses using patient exisitng dentures with/without welding procedures.

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